It makes me smile when people use the “once in a lifetime” expression.

People use it to describe a great friendship, vacation, love or other experiences that they think of as beautiful and never to be repeated in a lifetime. But is there really such a thing? I heard a joke once, a girl said to another that was grieving after a break-up with her ex: “You know who the best boyfriend ever is? The next one!” I’m not saying that’s a fact but it made me laugh.

My theory is that the once in a lifetime experiences are only related to cosmic events like an eclipse or a meteor shower or planets aligning and even those can happen more than once. But when it comes to day by day experiences, if you wish to have a greater, better experience than your last one, I think you just have to be open minded, let yourself perceive the world like it’s the first time every time. Live your present time like there’s no past.

Ask yourself this, if today was your best day ever, could there be another better day than the best? The logical answer is no. So give yourself the opportunity to fully enjoy every experience without thinking of it in the superlative.

So next time when you hear the once in a lifetime cliche, just smile and remember that you can have a better day every day, you just have to want it 🙂