I think life’s about farming.

No, I’m not talking agriculture although it’s the same principle. I’m talking about doing the same things over and over again and working hard to achieve a purpose. Take for example working: each and every day you wake up, go to work, come home, sleep, wake up, rinse and repeat for all your life and the purpose being the making of money.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about it, it’s just how things work. If you wanna become a doctor you have to study hard all you life, then work even harder each and every day after you became a doctor.

What I’m saying is, no matter what your age is no matter how difficult is to achieve your goal, expect some hard work day and day over, it’s the way the Universe works 🙂

But that’s not all, you just may be a genius, a guy who God himself blessed with the ability to skip the farming process and just be the superlative in some field of work without having to work a single day. Or maybe the so called genius is the ultimate farmer.

What do I mean? Well maybe the genius had to work hard so many lives, that he knows everything there is to know just from reflex.

Even as a little boy i wanted to be a genius in everything, to be able to read a book just by browsing it, to know about everything there is to know about something just by looking at it, to answer any question just by hearing the question.

Then i heard the alarm clock, it’s time to go farming 🙂

Hoping this put a smile on all you farmers out there. No i didn’t forget the geniuses but this is farmer humor, the genius read the title and knew everything about it and didn’t bother reading the article 🙂