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Hello there,

I’m here to put a smile on you face. Across our smile therapy sessions here you’re gonna get a lot of different kind of smiles on your face and I want to start by warmly suggesting that you watch Inception the movie.

Yes I know it’s not a comedy but trust me, after you see this movie you’ll get a big smile on your face at the end. For the full effect of the smile therapy you must see this movie in a cinema, just sit back have fun and enjoy the dream.

They laughed at DiCaprio after Titanic but he’s all grown up and he plays a hell of a role. Together with the other actors in the cast you’ll go through a maze of dreams, hopes, emotions, adrenaline and illusions.

The smile you’re gonna get at the end will be one of achievement of having have passed through all those mazes and coming back safely to reality. Or is it reality? 🙂

Here’s the trailer: